Battery and range

Some people only use the e-bike for commuting, others mainly want to make long tours. So what you want to use the e-bike for, determines your choice of range and battery. Greater autonomy automatically means a higher purchase price.

Location of the engine

The motor  is the heart of the electric bicycle. It can be located at the back, center, or front of the bike. At Bicycle! we recommend mid-range motors because of the following advantages:

  • This motor provides the most natural driving feeling thanks to an optimal weight distribution.
  • The battery is saved by a more efficient power transmission.
  • Thanks to the powerful motor, you can cycle up hills and bridges without any worries. 
  • The inner tube is easy to replace because there is less wiring.
  • Finally, the lighter front wheel also makes it easier to lift the bike over curbs.


You need more braking power on an electric bicycle, you often go a lot faster than on a normal bicycle. You can choose from different types of brakes. Hydraulic brakes are the most powerful brakes. This type of brake is very qualitative, brakes powerfully, does not require much maintenance and is very smooth to operate. They also work great in wet weather. We therefore always recommend hydraulic brakes for e-bikes.

Ordinary e-bike or speed pedelec

Another important consideration you have to make is the choice between a “regular” e-bike and an extra fast e-bike or speed pedelec. While the former offers pedal assistance up to 25 km / h, the speed pedelec continues up to 45 km / h. This higher speed has a number of consequences. You are required to wear a helmet and the bicycle must have a rear-view mirror and an official number plate.


Many e-bikes are equipped with a suspension fork and / or a suspension seat post. They naturally contribute to more driving comfort, but you also lose some return on your pedaling effort. You can also opt for an adjustable stem. Are you going for the ultimate seating comfort? Then choose a gel saddle and don’t give saddle pain a chance anymore.