Causes why cycling is awesome for your healthcare

To stay healthy it is important that we keep moving as much as possible. Many people choose to go for a run or go to the gym. In addition, there are also people who simply choose to get started at home with exercise via consoles or the computer. Another easy way to get more exercise is to take the bike (Really Dutch!) More often!


  • It can be performed with others
  • It is suitable for young and old
  • It offers you freedom

Cycling for health

By means of cycling you ensure that your body is constantly in motion. This in turn ensures that the blood is optimally pumped through the body. In addition, cycling also prevents many inconveniences. This is because the healthy cells are properly pumped throughout the body. Whether you are on a granny bike or a racing bike, cycling a piece is always a good choice.

It makes you happy

You are on the move by cycling. This produces all kinds of hormones in the body that make you happy. Because you become cheerful, this is not only pleasant for yourself, but you can also transfer your cheerfulness to others. This will make work floors but also school classes much happier. So it affects the atmosphere in a positive way.

Less stressful than many other sports

People participate in many types of sports. But what they often find out is that exercising can often lead to muscle pain or even muscle overload. It’s a different story when you go cycling. Cycling uses less muscle than many other sports.

Less stress

While cycling you have the option to free your head. You have a moment for yourself in the great outdoors and you can enjoy the movement and sports for a while. This ensures that you have less stress.

Sleep better

Cycling is a real sport. You are on the move, you put less strain on your muscles, but it does tire you. This means that you will definitely go to sleep in the evening. This is of course beneficial for your night’s rest.

Good for the weight

By means of cycling you ensure that you are moving and that you burn fat as a result. Cycling is a good way to maintain your weight, so it is advisable to do this often.

Muscle building

During cycling you use different muscles in the body. By cycling often, you ensure that your muscles build up properly.

It is important that you keep your body fit and vital by exercising regularly. Cycling can help you with this and certainly not a punishment with this beautiful weather!

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